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 ... Because from what the past two weeks made me feel, I think I'm overdoing it. Tuesday my body decided to go on strike (probably because I'm not giving it enough food for all the stuff I do during the day) and I couldn't do my workout. At the mere notion of physical activity (a few minutes on a machine I often use), I was literally seeing stars and feeling really sick. I had to go back home and then I had a big meal (with lots of sugar). Also, I think that reading near a hundred pages each day of academic stuff (ie. 4-6 hours a day of intense concentration if it isn't more) isn't helping. And I have classes (only two though) and extra curricular activities aaand a part time job. So what I am going to do is reduce the reading. I'm going to read 2 big things instead of 4 chuncks of different things (30-40 pages each). Now I'm done with the companions for Wollstonecraft and Austen, so that's good. Vindication is going well, but it would go even better if Wollstonecraft didn't write is such a ranting and cluttered way. For her time, she has really good ideas, but it would have done the Vindication good if it was more organized (reading this for a long time practically makes you dizzy). I've also re-started Northanger Abbey, and oh my goodness the irony! Sometimes I don't get why Austen was considered such a conservative author, because she's criticizing an awful lot here. Probably because she does all of this really subtely and through the domestic novel (again irony much?).

Anyway, all of this to say that from now on, on fridays I'm shutting myself off and won't do any heavy work. And I will also allow myself to go out (without feeling guilty because I'm not working), which I rarely allowed myself before. So today because of some miracle it didn't rain and I got to discover fanamanga. The place is really cute (I had onigiri and bubble tea for lunch :)) and also allows people to read and do some work, so it's kind of a shop and a cafe at the same time. I also got a new bag because it was very kawaii a few of my bags have something broken on it or are just plain annoying to carry. Like the bag I bring to uni... This bag is small and everything fits in it too. I also read more of Northanger Abbey while I was there somuch for not doing any work at all.

This evening I have a meeting with some of the people of the anime club to start organizing the Halloween party. Apparently it will be really big because it will involve three clubs. So life right now? Isogashi, isogashi!!


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