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I finished at 3:15 today which is completely outrageous (in a good way) for a sunday. :) This means I'll have a big fat free evening because I managed to finish all my work of last week yesterday (yay for procrastinating fridays) -I finished ridiculously early too- and because I'm not slowly disentegrating myself in tiny little pieces due to exhaustion so I'll be able to stay up be a dork and watch some anime. And surprise surprise, I got to sleep a total of 14 hours over the week end, which is way more than I can say of the past week ends.

In other news, The Birthday Massacre -band which I easily got bored of a few years back- managed to catch my interest once more with their new album. I only listened to little snippets this mornging, but the album seems a little heavier (but not actually heavy, it is only some kind of gothic synth-pop after all) and the colors also seem more vibrant (that's the synesthesia talking)

I'm liking this video a lot: :)


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