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Am I completely insane if this reminds me of Finntroll? Not for everything, but little things here and there... yeah I'm insane. Sounds totally like avant garde symphonic black metal now.... bleh... but it's from Japan so I'm totall biased. Ahhh there's the Finntroll like bit again...

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I finished at 3:15 today which is completely outrageous (in a good way) for a sunday. :) This means I'll have a big fat free evening because I managed to finish all my work of last week yesterday (yay for procrastinating fridays) -I finished ridiculously early too- and because I'm not slowly disentegrating myself in tiny little pieces due to exhaustion so I'll be able to stay up be a dork and watch some anime. And surprise surprise, I got to sleep a total of 14 hours over the week end, which is way more than I can say of the past week ends.

In other news, The Birthday Massacre -band which I easily got bored of a few years back- managed to catch my interest once more with their new album. I only listened to little snippets this mornging, but the album seems a little heavier (but not actually heavy, it is only some kind of gothic synth-pop after all) and the colors also seem more vibrant (that's the synesthesia talking)

I'm liking this video a lot: :)


Sep. 15th, 2010 04:54 pm
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I never really liked Therion... somehow I always thought it wasn't intense enough for symphonic metal and that it lacked something... a kind of bad Haggard maybe. But the new song isn't bad. I would like heavier stuff, but I'll probably listen to the album when it comes out.

Otherwise, it seems I've dealt with my workload pretty quickly today because it's only five and I'm posting about music and watching anime already. Oh well, I welcome the break, I couldn't take anymore reading anyway and looks like I'll be able to finish Dubliners on time too. Two big reading periods will probably do the trick, which I was planning tomorrow anyway.
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 ... taken from[personal profile] starstrider 

If your life were a movie...

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing (excluding instrumentals)
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...

A real update to come sometime today!

The Art of Procrastination... )
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How about a little power metal cheese?


Sep. 4th, 2010 05:01 pm
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This is it folks, I have finally moved into posting here and I will soon link my new online Home of Rants to livejournal and facebook so everyone can know where to find me. And I must say, creating this page, as simple as it looks, was very time consuming and I admit, I had to forcefully bang my head against my desk several times in order to make it look appealing in the least. Even though I enjoy the smallness of Dreamwidth compared to livejournal, the former still hasn't aquired all the layouts and anime graphics a proud Otaku such as myself needs to feel at home online.

But enough of my Internet angst. As certain of you might have heard me complain of before, Quebec city is absolutely dreadful in the manner of providing us metal heads with our albums on time, so I was most pleasantly surprised when on my way back from work I found that Tarja Turunen's new album was already on the tabelts. This being said, stop whatever you're doing and go get this album. Now!, I highly recommend this album to everyone. Even I, with my high expectations for this album, was impressed (and naturally, managing to get my squeeing hands on the limited two disc edition only made things better). What Lies Beneath is quite different from its predecessor in all ways and does not even compare to it quality wise, since several artistic improvements have been made. First, it is a metal album. It seems to me as if the volume of the electric guitars were suddenly tuned up and unrestrained and the same goes for the symphonic arrangements and the choirs. There are a lot less ballads on the album, which makes it more compact and to the point. But one thing that the ballads have on WLB that were absent from MWS is intensity (I'm particularly thinking of Rivers of Lust when writing this: this song, even though deprived of heavy guitars has at least as much impact on the listener as the heavier songs of the album). Finally, the last element which makes this album so much better than the previous one is cohesion. Unlike MWS, it doesn't shift from one point to another without linking any of it,but sticks to one general idea.

And that Whitesnake cover is just awesome. Heavy choirs and symphonic arrangements in Still of the Night makes me speechless.

And because that post wouldn't be complete without some video spammage...


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