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Well hello there!
After my friend fairytalewishes posted about this site on Livejournal, I decided to migrate and come here (smaller site, no adds= yay!) and create a blog under my screen name. Unlike my lj account, this blog will be entirely public so everyone of my acquaintances spread all over the Internet on various websites will be able to come over and stalk me *ahem* read my entires I mean. A little more about yours truly, I'm a 22 year old year old girl, studying English Literature. All my current obsessions you can read about in my interests section, which I tried to make as brief as possible, so you are lucky dear reader, to be spared an extensive list of all my favorite bands, books and anime, which would only exasperate you. (Instead I'd rather much do it with my incessant bantering in this section). As you can see, I have a slight tendency to use sarcasm as a means of expression in these kinds of introduction posts for the simple reason that I find it amusing, which might make me appear annoying, arrogant, cold and or all of the above, but that does not mean that you should refrain talking to me should you feel we might share a common disposition for the abnormal and the insane, quite on the contrary. My journal will consist on updates on my everyday life along with various types of fangirling. This being said, I will try to keep the drooling and squeeing to a strict minimum.
Sadly, I must now quit yammering, for a very long essay on the Gaelic revival awaits (along with some laungry, unfortunately).
Hoping this will save properly and that I haven't overstepped the bounderies of the number of interests possible,
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