Aug. 10th, 2010

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And you can't imagine how relieved that makes me! :) Yesterday I checked for the other language courses and ended up picking Italian (pastaaaaaaaaaa! :P). This will be much much easier on me. Firstly because I'm returning to a good old Indo-European language, with it's logic grammar and everything placed where it's supposed to. Also, it's a Latin language and I already have some experience with those since my mother tongue is French and I studied Spanish for three years. And it's the first elementary course, whereas the Japanese course would have been the first advanced one... that would have meant lots and lots of work at home and pressure to learn everything and I get the feeling just doing my Masters will be stressful enough so I don't want to add on to it. And finally, the class is in the afternoon instead of the evening, so I'll be feeling a lot less drained when it's over.

In other news I'm thinking of deleting lots of my online accounts before I get a new computer. Like myspace, tumblr, twitter and Interpals. The first three I never use and for the other I won't be looking for new pals until next summer, so I don't really need it. Also, even if I'll have a computer at home again soon I still want to diminuish the time I spend on the Internet and do other things.

Hmmm... I think my earphones are failing me again...


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