Jul. 23rd, 2010

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To help with the computerlessness, I got myself a cd player (I didn't need one before because I always listened to music on my computer) and two cds (two more things I managed to recuperate yay!). And I can also listen to the radio (which I never do unless I'm at work because most of the music they play there is extremely crappy). So now my room won't feel so quiet when I spend hours there at a time and my cds will be of some use. :)

So far I'm coping pretty well with not having a computer at home. Being busy with work helps, but still I'm doing way better than when I had to get it fixed for a virus a few months ago. And it seems having no computer makes me more relaxed too for some reason (and makes me do more things in a day as well). With all this I'm a bit late in my letter writing though. This afternoon I'll probably write one or two, but I won't be able to finish all my weekly mail like I usually do. Looks like I'll be busy next week too then. :) 


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