Jun. 11th, 2010

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Today I met with the teacher I was supposed to met a month ago for my Reading class. Turns out I can't take it because these reading classes are reserved for those who do their Masters with more courses. Because I still needed to be a full time student though, sensei had me register for one of these individual projects thingies, which basically will be 3 more research credits I'll use for reading books for my thesis and coming up with a proposal. That's for my full time student status. Now I still have to take another 3 credits, because I told the student loan people I would be taking 15 credits in fall (and since I got a really nice loan/scholarship for next fall, I want to affect that the least possible). So what I'm thinking is taking another language course. Now I know I could continue with Japanese, but with a Masters work load, I tend to think that taking an advanced Japanese class (knowing I had trouble last semester) would be suicidal. But me being a tiny bit masochist and all, I'm still thinking about it. But I'm also thinking about starting fresh with another language since I'll be starting a new program, a new cycle of studies and new projects. So what languages are you guys interested in or would you find interesting to learn? I'm in need of inspiration. :)

Also, zomfg, I'm officially graduating in a week! Yay! For the last month I've been pretty much so so about it, but now that it's coming, I'm starting to really look forward to it! :) And -I'm soooo happy about this- I'm getting a camera for my graduation present! My mom called not so long ago and told me! :D Soon I'll finally be able to post pictures like everyone else! Squee!

Oh and I have newly revived my blogger account. It's now a music blog, so if you guys want to check it out or follow me here's the link: metaldaisuki.blogspot.com/


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